Ghostly Embrace was published in 2019, Ghostly Return in 2021 and Ghostly Light is in the works with an planned publication date of 28th October 2023.My books are published by Troubador, please feel free to take a look around their site.

Ghostly Embrace

Ghostly Embrace

A ghostly story of redemption through the power of love.Louis never felt the knife that killed him, or saw the blood that seeped into the wood of the bed he was lying on. Trapped there in the bed of his own design and making, Louis, a craftsman from the 18th century, must confront the fact that he is a ghost who will never be able to touch or feel the world as he once did.As the years pass Louis struggles to deny his own anger and loneliness created by his death, leading him to haunt and petrify anyone who owns his bed that keeps him captive.However, this all changes when he meets two women who live in a very different century to the one he knew and by chance he finds a way to visit them through their dreams.He finds Marina early in the 20th century and Katie, a modern girl of the 1970s.Separately they are able to show him light in his life again.Books purchased directly from this site will be signed by the author.

  • Brenda Hurley's Ghostly Embrace is highly recommended for readers that are looking for a ghostly romance novel that will flood them with a whirlwind of emotions and a few twists along the way. – Sheena M.

  • From the first page to the last I could not put it down. The story pulled me in and I fell in love with Louis! I felt his emotions. The author has a way of making you a part of the story. This was a great read. I would definitely recommend this book. – Lori C.

  • This book was so amazing!!! The world-building and development was very well done. I cannot wait to see where she goes from here. I loved the characters of the story. – Tanya L.

Ghostly Return

The story of Louis and Katie continues.The year is 1972: Louis has been trapped in the netherworld for over a century.His lifeblood that had seeped into the carved bed, made by his own hands, suddenly releases him when, in an unexpected incident, he is returned to the mortal world. The joy of been able to feel and touch, to live again, is put at risk by a surprise trip to North Yorkshire, the trip was planned by Katie. It was to be a nostalgic adventure to visit Ravensend, his birthplace.They arrive at the hotel, Louis is shocked to find himself facing the place where we met Sophia. Sophia his wife murdered him in a fit of jealousy and was hanged for the crime.Unknown to Louis and Katie, her body had been buried in the grounds, her spirit had been drawn into the hall to find her father and haunts it still. Sophia sees the couple as they book in and recognises her husband whom she had killed, apparently alive and well and wearing a living shroud.How could it be, she asked herself, that he could have a life that was denied her?

Ghostly Return
  • Oh my goodness couldn’t put the book down! Chilling - this is such a fantastic read! It needs putting onto the silver screen. It has it all romance, period drama, history, excitement, anticipation- it really packs a punch!. – Lisa F.

  • I really enjoyed this book. Having become quite attached to the hero Louis, it was lovely to see what happened to him next. The author makes you feel connected to his adventure. Some of the story is quite moving, and there are some twists and turns in the plot, and a few surprises. A brilliant read and I would recommend others to read it. – A. C.

  • Wonderfully interesting characters, beautifully written and every word evokes images. It is a real page-turner. Looking forward to Brenda's next novel. – Valerie Z.

Coming in autumn 2023:
Ghostly Light

The trilogy concludesLouis' journey might have been laid to rest had Doris not bought his magnificent carved bed, with its secret.Now reality and the netherworld exist side by side in the Eden room at the Royal Oak.Debs, an old colleague, visits North Yorkshire and falls in love with its people and the countryside. She joins the ‘family’ working at the Royal Oak. Coincidences occur that bring jeopardy, romance, angels and demons to the inn.Can Louis protect those he loves and resolve the threat between the spirit world and reality?

Ghostly Light

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    28th October 2023

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